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Welcome to UNCS!

Who are we?  UNCS was founded in 1989 with a singular goal- to create a new, young, vibrant and especially self-confident style with a modern design.  From that time, UNCS has grown into a major player in the European market while seeing a growing interest from North America.  We are a passionate brand that values the design and quality of every product. 



What can we offer you?  UNCS offers a unique alternative in casual streetwear and sportswear.  We believe that a person’s style should not be limited by their size, because style has no limit, no size.  With that in mind, we boast a total of ten men’s sizes (XS-6XL) and women’s sizes (XS-XL).  This is what makes us stand out from the competition and what has made us a favorite for Strongman competitors.  We owe a huge thanks and are proud to support our members in where ever life takes them.  Choose from our catalog any of our lines.  For men, we offer lines for motorcycles, combat sports, casual wear, and sportswear.  For women, casual wear and sportswear. 


Why choose us?  UNCS is a company that values timeless design, accent on detail, comfortable cuts combined with first-quality materials.  From our denim, graphic tees, hoodies, accessories, to so much more – UNCS is the brand for everyone to represent their freedom and independence. 


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